This is a list of all the characters in the Code: Breaker Universe.

Main CharactersEdit



  1. Emperor
  2. Sakuraouji Sakurako
  3. Masaomi Heike
  4. Unknown (for now)

Management: Edit

Fujiwara's dad

Code: NumbersEdit

Former: Ex-01 Hitomi, Nenene Fujiwara


  1. The Ace


  1. Masaomi Heike
  2. Yuuki Tenpouin


  1. Toki Fujiwara 
  2. Rui Hachiouji


  1. Rei Ogami

Code: NamesEdit

Former: Emperor, Seeker

Current: Saechika Hachiouji (Closer), Takatsu Aoba (Revenger), Shigure, masked man



The One Being Sought

Main members:Edit

  1. Yukihina
  1. Kouji
  1. Rui Hachiouji
  1. Hiyori
  1. Uesugi Hajime

Divisional Members:Edit

  1. Lily
  1. Sendou Ryuuichi
  1. Ryuji Ryuuichi

Supporting CastsEdit

  1. Sakurakouji Goutoku
  1. Sakurakouji Yuki
  1. Kanda
  1. Haruto
  1. "Shibuya" aka Student Council President
  1. Inoichi

Minor CharactersEdit

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